I am a professional sculptor living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and my principal subject matter is the human form. It’s quite simply the best way I’ve found to express myself, whether exploring a concept or idea, translating a piece of literature or commenting on current events. In addition, composing with the human form requires an intellectual dive into the human condition, and through this process I have gained a better understanding of myself and the world around me.

I became a full-time artist at age fifty-two. My art education has been self-directed and I am primarily self-taught. Making art is a journey that engages all levels of oneself, and for me it’s been thrilling to layer this creative pulse on top of a lifetime’s worth of experiences. After earning degrees in engineering and economics, I had a highly challenging and rewarding career in energy, telecommunications, and finance. During this time I worked in over twenty-five countries around the world, giving me a wealth of experiences that continue to inform my work as an artist today.

Over the past several years my work has been added to private collections throughout the United States and internationally. I have shown publicly at gallery and auction venues in Colorado and New Mexico, and in 2018 I exhibited in the National Sculpture Society’s 85th Annual Awards Exhibition at Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina. I am an Associate Member of the National Sculpture Society in New York, and a Friend of the Society of Portrait Sculptors in London.

I share everything in life and art with my wife and muse Hilary, and our two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Louie and Beau. My work is for sale directly through my studio in Santa Fe. I also accept a limited number of commissions each year.

“Ed Smida is a rising star on the Santa Fe art scene.”

        ~ The Couse Foundation’s 2017 Gala & Art Auction