Sculpture | Figures & Portraits

I work primarily with the human form because of its limitless possibilities to hold feeling and emotion and gesture. It’s such a deep well of inspiration. At the end of the day it’s us, our being, our fears, our dreams, our experiences, and our future.

I prefer to work from life, but also rely on photographs, paintings, and literature as reference material. I frequently sketch in clay for the opportunity to deeply study my subject and the freedom to experiment. Sometimes a sketch so effectively captures a moment or conveys a message that it becomes a “finished” piece.

Some portraits are ends in themselves and some are simply a means to another end. After reading Vincent Van Gogh’s letters to his brother Theo, I was inspired to start work on a portrait of Vincent, using his own self-portraits as reference. It’s been a unique and fascinating experience to construct a portrayal of a man from his own impressions of himself.

When working on a figure or portrait I always feel grounded by the tradition and work of centuries of artists before me; this link is part of the gift of being an artist.