Sculpture | New Mexico

A family road trip “out west” in a yellow Winnebago as a ten year old boy changed the trajectory of my life. At that moment I was destined to become part of the landscape, people, and romantic dreams of far-off places. I also first learned about the art of the west, especially the pioneering artists of Taos and Santa Fe.

Over the past several years I’ve completed a series of bronze sculptures which revisit classic southwestern imagery. The Goose Hunter was inspired by E.I. Couse’s 1911 painting The White Goose, and Divided Land was inspired by Ernest Blumenschein’s 1913 painting The Peacemaker. In these narrative pieces I attempted to translate the feelings of the original paintings, and the combination of subject and background, into an entirely different medium.

The portraits titled Grandma and Taos Man were based on photographs by Edward Sherriff Curtis. Although foreign and removed as subject matter, working with these images reconnected me to people in my own life and experiences in my past.